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Warehouse Management


Warehousing is a very dynamic service in which the clients demands a tailor made solution for their business model. WFS gets involved in the early stages to assist their clients to choose the best model for their business. Western Freight Shipping Line is also offering pre and post clearance facilities as it operates a customs ‘Type A’ public warehouse bond facility.

If you require suspending your VAT and duty on goods imported until you are ready to sell them just contact us to get the best advice on this or any other customs matter.


Our Features Why Choose Us

We have arrangement of complete warehouse and distribution services that includes Dry and Refrigerated Warehousing, Bonded Warehousing, Pick n pack Shipping with complete Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Packaging and Storage

This is the basic function of warehousing. Surplus commodities which are not needed immediately can be stored in different locations. The goods can be supplied as and when needed by the customers.

Safety & Quality

When the goods are stored in warehouses they are exposed to many risks in the form of theft, deterioration, exploration, fire etc. Warehouses are constructed in such a way as to Minimize these risks.

Best Tracking

Select the specific batch or serial number while transferring an item from one warehouse to another. This way, you can keep a track on the movementof each item without any hassles.

Why Hazmat Warehousing

  • We have Dry storage, Temperature controlled storage & Bulk storage facilities
  • Storage capacity 25000 CBM, 16000 pallet positions
  • Dedicated temperature controlled chamber
  • State of art fire fighting system
  • Clearance and compliance service
  • Traffic is controlled by 24hrs security personals

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We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach

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