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UN Boxes

We offer an extensive range of 4G boxes tested and approved as UN combination packaging’s with a variety of different inner packaging’s in glass, plastic, tinplate steel and aluminum. Our range of 4GV boxes or super packs are special outer packaging’s that allow the transport of NON-SPECIFIED inner packaging’s up to a stated maximum weight.

We have an assortment of U.N. Certified boxes (4D and 4DV plywood boxes) that meet all regulations for your Dangerous Goods packing and shipping needs.

Drums and Jerricans

We offer extensive range of 1H1, 1H2 and 3H1 plastic single packaging, 1A1, 1A2 and 3A1 steel single packaging and a variety of 1G fiber drum single packaging off the shelf ready for immediate despatch.

Inner Packaging

We have different types of Inner Packaging such as IP1 glass inner packaging, Glass Winchester Bottles, Glass Powder Jars, Glass Bottles Boston Round etc,IP2 Plastic inner packaging,IP3 Steel Drums tinplate inner packaging ranging from light, medium and heavy duty,IP3A aluminum inner packaging.

Labels and Placards

We carry all classes of labels and placards, as well as special shipping labels and shipping forms including the revised Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods.

Spill Control & Safety Products

We’ve got a large choice of product for Spill Absorbents management. For acid and caustic chemical Spill Absorbents, kits containing common neutralizers and solidifies will facilitate improvement. Mercury kits embrace Associate in Nursing consolidation powder for straightforward disposal.

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